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Mission:Capital Landmarks Ltd. will use innovative practices and a diverse range of options to provide affordable, appropriate and secure housing for people in need in a fair, equitable and financially robust manner.

Capital LandMarks Ltd. is recognised nationally and internationally as an innovator in the provision of housing options for low income households and as a best practice example of service provision, tenancy and asset management.
To operate a robust, financially sound and sustainable Housing Company. To provide a responsive, innovative, best practice service that understands and seeks to meet the needs of its client groups. To increase the supply of housing options for low income households through research, innovation and strategic partnering. To contribute to the growth of a vibrant and diverse community through prioritising positive social and community outcomes
CLL has set the following objectives to guide its operation: Primary Objective: To promote the relief of poverty by providing affordable housing to people who are in need, including members of low and moderate income households. Complementary Objectives: To provide a range of subsidised housing options, for low and moderate income households. To investigate/develop a range of innovative housing options and partnership arrangements to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Capital Hasem Del.

Ahmedbag, Sabujbag,Bashabo,Dhaka.

Capital Metro Complex:

Azampur Uttra ,Dhaka.

Earth Haven, Badda, Dhaka.